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Welcome to Wayside

Wayside Platform Launch Visual

Today we formally launch, in a sort of rebirth. Michael Chender originally prepared to launch Wayside in 2018. To honour his memory, and to celebrate all those who midwifed the process right from the beginning, we invite you check out this brief video:

We look forward to working with partners across the region to identify gaps in learning in the sector of change making, to develop and offer great education to interested learners and to build up this wonderful, sparkling community of Atlantic Canadian changemakers and community-carers.

Please contact us at hello@waysideinitiative.ca if:

  • You have a request or a suggestion for an upcoming course.
  • You or a group you are affiliated with would like to explore how the Wayside Learning Community can help you connect your content and knowledge with the people that need and want it.

The Wayside team are:

Tyler Colbourne, Olu Osunrinde, Miranda Cobb and Charlene Boyce. Our Learner-Centred Education advisor (volunteer) is Seana Jewer.