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Decolonize & Indigenize


Gesturing Toward Decolonial Futures

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures (GTDF) is an arts/research collective that uses its website as a workspace for collaborations around different kinds of artistic, pedagogical, cartographic, and relational experiments that aim to identify and de-activate colonial habits of being, and to gesture towards the possibility of decolonial futures.

There are a number of powerful resources and publications on the site. Suggested starting point resources that we use at Inspiring Communities include:

Without Modernity Cards offer thoughtful starting points for challenging discussion and / or personal reflection.

Towards Braiding is a downloadable PDF that suggests a path and approach toward authentically enfolding indigenous voices and views into an organization.


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative


Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn also known as Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative. Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn means ‘we are seeking consensus’. The Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative is seeking consensus on the best ways to implement our Aboriginal and treaty rights… for now, and for seven generations to come.

We urge you to learn more about the Initiative, and give us your thoughts on this important aspect of our people’s history. This site is constantly updated with information, educational materials and opportunities to get involved, so please check back regularly.”

Find the Treaties of Peace and Friendship linked and described here.