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Noted – January 22, 2021

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Highlights of recent media

Northside’s RISING TIDE Profiled

Great story in today’s Cape Breton Post and throughout the Saltwire network on Northside Rising’s “Rising Tide” program! Congratulations to Suzi Oram-Alyward, the program coordinator, and many thanks to participant Jim Clark for speaking to his hopes for the sessions.

Read the article online. Note: A subscription may be required.

Inspiration for Living

It is not every day that an obituary winds up being the most inspirational reading you’ve done all week. Cartoonist Michael Deadder shared his mom’s obituary recently on social media, and it’s taken off. Talk about a life well lived… the humour, warmth and love in this writing make vivid the character of the woman it describes.

Margaret Marilyn Deadder: Cobbs Funeral Home

Inspiration for Social Innovation

Sometimes we need a little creative inspiration for our work. What social innovation projects are happening in the world and what could those inspire here? This story profiles some successful startups from a recent event.

Six social innovation startups compete at Founder Institute’s Connect: Impact event

TotalCtrl a cloud-based food waste prevention system that provides real-time data on food inventory. It is used by retailers, restaurants, food banks, municipalities and every-day consumers to prevent food waste. 

Lessonbee a comprehensive and culturally responsive health education system.

Ovamba is a fintech company working with banks in emerging markets to provide micro-finance options to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The company operates out of the United States, Cameroon Ivory Coast and India. 

Fairly.ai a tool that allows organizations to audit their artificial intelligence (AI) systems from across all business units, to eliminate bias, protect privacy, and ensure transparency (Canadian company)

Braze Mobility turns any wheelchair into a smart wheelchair by creating blind spot sensor systems for electric wheelchairs.

DotX created a payroll solution so workers without bank accounts can receive salaries to make banking transactions using a mobile app.

Signs of Hope

New social harmony index finds that nearly 75% of Canadians seek common ground

Study highlights national core values relate to social focus over individual focus. Although there has been a media narrative about increasing polarization, this is very promising research when it comes to our work of collective impact.

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