How to use this platform

The first step for getting set up is to head to the Sign Up page to fill out a profile. You will be asked to agree to Community Guidelines for using the site.

Ready to get started? Wayside is divided into three main areas:


  1. Click ‘Join a conversation’ on the home page or ‘Groups’ in the side menu (click the 3 bars at the top left of the screen).
  2. Choose an area of interest from the various groups. Some may require permissions to join. You can request entry and an administrator will respond, often within 24 hours.
  3. You may start a new conversation under any group. It’s always good to check to see if others are already discussing your topic so that you can join in rather than start fresh.
    Your Settings:
     If you subscribe to a conversation you will be kept in the loop on any updates via email. You can easily adjust your email frequency settings under My Account/Profile—see more information here.


We work collaboratively with partners to create or share courses that support the journey of changemakers in Atlantic Canada. If you have a course that you think Wayside users would benefit from, feel free to reach out!


We are working behind the scenes to gather blogs, articles and tools to help inspire change efforts. Visit often to see what’s new!

Social Connections

Wayside is about learning, but it is also about connecting. Once you have created a profile, you may find a list of Members under the left hand menu (click on the three lines on the top left). You can Connect or send people a message here.

You can find your own profile by clicking on the top right of the screen, on your image. From your profile you can see your Timeline, which functions much like a timeline on other social platforms – it lets you post a status, and check on what your connections are up to.

Welcome to Wayside! We hope you connect, learn and enjoy.

If you have a question, check the FAQs or, contact us.