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WeavEast Open Space 1: 2021

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Friday, 16 July 2021 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Join us for an open space discussion. Open space means you are setting the agenda, so bring the questions that you are holding now.

About this event

“What is WeavEast” is a question that all of us have arrived at from time to time. It’s a network. It’s an open-edged collective. It’s a group of people making great changes and experimenting with ways to improve society. It’s a dream.

Maybe another way to come at the subject is “What does WeavEast do?”

WeavEast was created around a vision of a web of connected, supportive social innovations and projects, democratically and horizontally connected, happening across this region.

I invite you to step into that dream, whether you have always been involved, never been involved, always been curious or you just want to take action and see what happens if you get the opportunity to try something new with some like-minded people.

With a new round of funding social changes prototypes on the horizon, we want to invite you to join us for a set of open space discussions. Open space means you are setting the agenda, so bring the questions that you are holding now, and want to discuss with a diverse group of committed, interested community members who are passionate about making things better.

We are hosting two discussions. Sign up and join us, for one or both.

Open spaces will be facilitated by Julia Feltham and Charlene Boyce.

Meeting in Kumospace

Join us on Kumospace. Kumospace is an online meeting space where you move a small onscreen version of yourself through two dimensional ‘spaces’ with your arrow keys. The onscreen version, or avatar, is your video feed. In Kumospace, sound works like it does at in-person meetings: the closer your avatar is to another, the better you can hear them. This means when we split off for Open Space discussions, there is no awkward “leave room” Zoom command. You just nudge your wee onscreen avatar to move away and find another group to join.

Of the tools we’ve tried, we have found Kumospace’s audio proximity feature and video avatar the closest to meeting in person.

Meeting room: https://www.kumospace.com/waysidetown

Open Space

A reminder about what Open Space is (find more here):

  • Everyone who cares about the challenge at hand and accepts the organizers’ invitation is included
  • Everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute
  • The “Law of Two Feet” governs the participation of all attendees in the various sessions. It says: “Go and attend whichever session you want, but if you find yourself in a session where you are not learning or contributing, use your two feet!”
  • Topics are identified by participants initially, and form the Marketplace. People volunteer to start a discussion, and again, anyone (including that person) is welcome, at any time to find another discussion to join.


Friday, 16 July 2021
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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