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Wayside Learning Community, an affiliate of Inspiring Communities, is for anyone working for the greater good in Atlantic Canada. It’s a place to connect and recharge, collaborate, learn, and discover new paths to achieve positive social change.



with a network of others with similar goals, aspirations and challenges.



through online courses and a supportive peer community.

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resources and ideas for systems change in Atlantic Canada.

Discover new ideas and potential for collaboration, learn from peers, and join powerful conversations about creating positive social change in Atlantic Canada.


Explore stories about systems change efforts in Atlantic Canada. More


Find the resources you need to increase the impact of your work. More

Movement Map

Movement Map

BCCIC has made an investment to surface people and projects in Atlantic Canada who are aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We encourage you to help build out this map by […]

36 Tools
Tools for Video Meetings

Video Meeting Tools

Setting aside the COVID vaccine and the supply chain to deliver it, 2020’s greatest technology accomplishment is surely the surge in innovation in the online video meeting space.

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Time Management

Ideas for Time Management

Ideas for time management: clarify meeting purpose, schedule meetings carefully, prioritize, have dedicated work time, pace yourself, etc.

New Action Podcast

Podcasts for Changemakers!

Some podcasts that Atlantic Canadian Changemakers might enjoy. Got one to suggest? Let us know! The ONSIDE Podcast ONSIDE Now A podcast on innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Atlantic Canada is bursting with entrepreneurs in […]



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